November 20, 2018

Stories From the Village

A village is a place full of peasant farmers.

Not this Village.

This is the place where an adopted daughter abandoned her father, where a band of unemployed youngsters caused the death of a monk, and where a barefoot doctor controlled a national network of illegal adoptions.

And so much more.

The Village is a microcosm of the Country, where:

The intellectually disabled are pushed around and left for dead;

The pursuit of religious enlightenment is squashed like a bug;

One policy leads to seven drastically different, yet equally devastating, outcomes;

The challengers to the status quo are silenced permanently;

The despairing victims resort to extreme measures to get their grievances heard;

And so much more . . .

But, like Marco Polo said about the Country, “I did not write half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed.”

You can download the short story collection for free here.

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