November 23, 2018

Nameless Wanderer

Sentenced to death for a murder I didn’t commit, forced to be on the run for 6 years, the innocent high school kid had perished. The man who returned was stronger, meaner, and more ruthless.

I had come home with only one goal: revenge.

A life for a life.

But soon, I realised it wasn’t just me. Everywhere I turned, victims’ vacant eyes stared back at me: girls sold as child brides by their parents, farmers dragged out of their homes and killed in land disputes, street peddlers beaten bloody by officials, penniless cancer patients thrown out of hospitals . . .

Meanwhile, the rich, the powerful, and the elite played on their golden fiddle, sipped their champagne, and lounged by the pool as they watched the country burn. When the mood struck them, they stole, tortured, raped, and killed with impunity.

One law for the rich. No law for the poor.

I had to do something.

But could a lone man make a difference?

I wouldn’t know until I tried.

So I wandered, from village to village, city to city, travelling incognito, throwing a wrench into the elite criminals’ plans whenever I could.

But if worst comes to worst, was I prepared to kill, again?


Books in the Nameless Wanderer series:

  1. Homecoming
  2. Collateral
  3. The Harvest

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