Inmate 5137000236 had given himself up at the police station to save his parents.

He didn’t mind dying, after having avenged the deaths of the love of his life and his sister.

Strapped on a gurney inside a mobile execution van, the inmate watched the executioner walk towards him with a needle filled with clear liquid, and thought that death was going to be quick and painless, and final.

But he wasn’t allowed to die. Not yet.

A squad of soldiers led by a Senior Colonel stood by, waiting.

Days before the execution, someone had implanted a microchip into the inmate, using him as bait to catch a group of elusive organ traffickers known as the Bodysnatchers.

The soldiers tracked the Bodysnatchers to a small village in Hubei Province, until the signal coming from the inmate suddenly vanished.

Had the Bodysnatchers taken all they needed and burned the body, or had they found out about the microchip?

In this small village with flat farm fields and undulating hills, where could the Bodysnatchers be hiding?


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