1022, Song Dynasty.

A villager was struck down in his own home.

A lecher bled out on the street, his face ripped to shreds.

Young boys vanished from a forsaken temple.

And this was just my first week as the Magistrate of Taihe County.

Could it really be the acts of an angry god, as the villagers claimed? Or was someone using the curse of the temple to cover up their nefarious schemes?

I had to find out.

But an invisible force countered every step I took.

Evidence disappeared. My study was broken into. My bedroom wall was painted in blood.

Maidservant, constables, brothel madam, concubine, village squire . . . everyone had something to hide.

To get to the bottom of things, I had to employ some extraordinary methods.

Grave robbing? Check.

Trespassing? Check.

Kidnapping? Check.

Desecration? Check.

With a confidence born of inexperience, I pushed on, sure I would unravel the mysteries soon.

Until I came face to face with a god.

The villagers were right. He looked angry.

Rain was summoned. Lightning flashed. Thunder rumbled. Flaming fire balls flew towards me . . .

What to do?

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