December 4, 2018

People’s Police

When you hear “reality show’, what’s the first name that pops into your head?


1. real housewives

image source


2. big brother

image source

Or this:

3. bachelorette

image source

But I think about this:

4. police training camp

images source

 Police Training Camp is the first China police athletics reality show. It convenes police elites across the country who are occupied in detective, fire control, security, search and rescue to come over and compete with each other. It is designed not only to bring enjoyment, but also to popularize relative knowledge.

Watching the show is like watching Fast & Furious, S.W.A.T., Station 19, Sherlock Holmes, Cops, Mission Impossible, and Inspector Rex, all rolled into one, but in real life, with real officers.


You can watch all the episodes here.

From more than six thousand applicants nationwide, only 48 were chosen. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they represent the best of the best.

They look like this:


They know how to drive:

11. drift

(For someone who can’t even handle a moped—I once crashed it into the only tree in a 30-metre radius, kind of like this:


image source

I have to give Officer Li a big thumbs up.)

Even with a punctured tyre:

16 drive

They know how to shoot:


And they must have a good memory:


When the 10 seconds are up, and the MC asks these questions:


I’m like:


image source

They know how to “fly”:


How to climb:


How to put out a fire:


How to rescue trapped resident and mountain climber:


And prevent chemical leaks:



Episodes 6 and 7 about detectives are especially intriguing. Officers are supposed to solve these puzzles in seconds:

43hint: water heater44hint: 345hint: B46hint: wife48hint: top drawer49hint:C50hint: candle51hint:not suicide52hint: A is lying

Deduction is not just the job of detectives.

Traffic police have to deduce the cause of the weird 5-car pile-up on the highway:


Community officers have to deduce the professions of residents with nothing more than a glance and a simple question:

55hint: driver56hint: model57hint: hairdresser58hint: dancer59hint: chef60hint: makeup artist61hint: wedding MC62hint: piano teacher

As well as how to solve resident disputes:




There’s so much more exciting content in the show, I really recommend that you watch it here.

No matter how much negative press there is, I believe that bad cops are the minority, that most people who joined the police force did not do so because of the pay (peanuts), the hours (24/7), or the prestige (what prestige?).



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