Too much meat clogs up your arteries and makes you die at a young age.

That’s why occasionally, you need to eat something green.

Jinzhou, Liaoning Province

This contraption you see on the street is not a bomb, even though it makes a sound like one.

It’s used to make popcorns.

Food in the northwestern parts of China is served in big portions.

This bowl of porridge for one in the northwest would be for at least three or four people in the south.

Tofu slices wrapped around a big piece of spring onion.

Grilled tofu

Night in this town is far from quiet.

As the band of yangge performers attracts a crowd outside, Biaoge, owner of a barbecue stand, focuses on his work.

This taciturn man grills all kinds of stuff.

Their tofu is bought here, about 10 km away from town.

Soybeans are ground up in this machine.

Soy milk white as snow.

If not stirred constantly, the top layer of the soy milk congeals, forming a layer of “skin”.

Pouring soy milk onto the layers of filter creates thin slices of tofu.

Paper-thin slices of tofu.

This tofu is one of the bestsellers on the market.

If you arrive late, you may not be able to get any of it.

Green peppers, ham, and enokitake (golden needle mushroom).

These are the ingredients that are wrapped into pieces of ultra-thin tofu.

A barbecue meetup without grilled tofu is an incomplete meetup.

Changsha, Hunan Province

An open-air barbecues stand. This stall is the very definition of a road-side stand.

Hand-held air blower, LOL.

Father and son manage the stand.

Red pepper.




Garlic chives are the bestseller.

Girls love it for its spicy and salty taste.

Guys love it for its, um, reputed function of boosting virility.

Grilling vegetables is troublesome: the repeated basting, adding chilli powder, turning the barbecue over to make sure all sides are grilled equally.

And if you don’t watch the fire, the garlic chives can be burnt pretty quickly.

Dipping the garlic chives in water before grilling is a trick that prevents the burning problem.

People in Hunan and Sichuan are known in the country for loving spicy food. Chilli powder is a must, regardless of whether it’s meat or vegetables being grilled.

This man from Shanghai braves the chilli powder. Even though he’s sweating profusely, he still continues to eat.

10 pm, there are still people standing in front of the grill, waiting for their turn.

These are the stems of the garlic chives.



To be continued . . .


Humans and our close relatives alike enjoy an occasional stalk of veggie.

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