Yibin, Sichuan Province

While the retirees occupy the public park for their nightly square dance, the youngsters gather at barbecue restaurants for drinks and a game of morra.

What do they like to eat?

One customer says, “It’s crispy, savoury, and sweet. It looks soft, but it crunches in your mouth.”

烤猪鼻筋  grilled pig snout fascia

It refers to the band of elastic tissue inside the nose of a pig.

Warning: graphic images ahead.
















This is the source of the barbecue.

Each pig only has two bands of fascia.

Before grilling, fasciae are boiled first.

The layer of fat surrounding fasciae is stripped.

The sound you make when you eat fascia is like cracking sunflower seeds: crunch crunch crunch.

They are grilled over strong flames first, then basted and grilled over small flames.

The owner of the barbecue stand says that one time, three customers ordered and finished 820 skewers of grilled fascia.

Grilling is not a skill as easy as it looks.

Even college graduates have trouble mastering it at first.

These green beans are already burnt.

Haicheng, Liaoning Province

Pig’s aorta

The layer of fat is stripped.

Each of these “tubes” fetches six to eight yuan, three times the price of a skewer of grilled pork.

Charcoal is used to provide enough strong heat to grill entire pieces of aorta quickly.

The aorta shrinks, and small bubbles of oil form on the surface.

Once you hear the sounds of sizzling and bubbling, it’s time to take the aorta off the grill.

An entire plate of grilled aorta is gone in a matter of seconds.


To be continued . . .

Barbecue is a type of food best enjoyed in groups. If you eat it alone, you won’t feel as happy, and your friend will hate you for it, like this dog.


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