Kunming, Yunnan Province

Same food: chicken feet.

But dramatically different ingredients.

All these dried chillies go into a big pot of soup stock that’s decades old.

Chicken feet are transformed into a deliciously dark brown colour, after every bit of meat soaks up the flavours from the stock.

They are ready to be served.

But stewed chicken feet don’t taste the same as barbecued chicken feet.

There’s another way to grill chicken feet.

Raw chicken feet are marinated in various spices, then grilled.

Another bestseller is barbecued pig’s trotters.

Pig’s trotters are stewed for 3 hours (when it comes to food,there’s no such thing as too much trouble.)

Then they go on the grill.

With a generous sprinkling of white sesame seeds.

Chuzhou, Anhui Province

Residents of Chuzhou love crayfish.

The most common way to cook it would be braising.

But someone has the idea of grilling crayfish.

Mr Meng bends over a crayfish seller’s stand and expounds on the minute differences between local crayfish and those caught from other places (he talks so much that eventually, the seller gets bored and gives him a discount just to make him go away).

This is his barbecue restaurant.

Meng doesn’t just oversee half a dozen grillers at his restaurant. He also teaches anyone who wants to learn, free of charge.

By livestreaming the process of barbecue.

He has over a hundred thousand followers online.

Take a crayfish, cut open its carapace on the back.

Keep the dark vein that’s the crayfish’s digestive tract.

The yellow portion is the roe.

Grill for two minutes only.

Still, even barbecued bones contain a lot of calories. Don’t overindulge, or you’ll turn into this ball of fluff, who lies on the floor in a food coma when its human is trying to clean the room:


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