Jingpo Lake, created when volcanic eruptions blocked the flow of the Mudanjiang River.

Ice waterfall

The “black dragon pond” is 60 metres deep.

Cold temperature and crazy depth doesn’t stop this 60-year-old man from completing a jump once every day, for the past 30 years.

He can do this because temperate of the water is above 10 degrees Celsius, and the deeper you dive, the warmer it gets, heated by an underground hot spring.

Source of the hot spring is this volcano.

Mount Laohei is one of the youngest volcanoes in China. The last time it erupted was 200 years ago.

Part of the magma cooled and formed this “lake of stones”.

There are a total of 14 volcanoes in this region.

A temple has been built on Mount Yaoquan.

Mount Langelaqiu is the oldest volcano amongst the 14.

Jiayin Dinosaur Park

The Greater Khingan range

A sea of forest measuring 73 thousand square kilometres, one sixth the size of the entire province.

This patch of green is the survivor of the great fire in 1987, which raged for a month over seventeen thousand square kilometres, destroying one tenth of the Greater Khingan range. It took fifty-eight thousand firefighters and volunteers to put it out.

The Lesser Khingan range, home to the Korean pine.

To the south of the Lesser Khingan is the Jinshan Deer Park.

Spotted deer live here.

They have a carefree life in the Lesser Khingan, 400 km away from the Siberian tigers in Harbin.

Tigers are fierce creatures, but sometimes, just like a regular cat, they can be goofy, and get spooked easily.


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