The Han River

The largest tributary of the Yangtze River. The Han Dynasty and the Han Chinese people are named after this river.

March is the best time to view the blooming rapeseed flowers.

Terrace fields

Mount Long

The only grassland in Shaanxi is found here.

The Loess Plateau

Greening the plateau is an ongoing process.

Silt eroded from the plateau led to fertile land, making the earliest agricultural activities here possible.

This might be the world’s oldest extant cypress tree.

It has been here for 5,000 years. Legends say that it was planted by the Yellow Emperor himself.

The Yellow Emperor’s Mausoleum. The emperor is said to be the ancestor of all Chinese people.

The Yellow River Wetland

This nine-story pagoda built in the Ming Dynasty is the landmark of the city of Yan’an.

Yaodong are houses carved out of the Loess Plateau.

Sometimes people also build houses in the ground.

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