Powder foundation?

Actually salt evaporation ponds.

Algae and minerals are responsible for the varied colours.

These crop circles are potato fields.

At the centre of each circle is an automated irrigation system.

Many of them are experimental fields, used to study feasibility of growing crops in desert-like conditions.

The ruins of Tongwan City, once the capital of the Southern Xiongnu.

Built in the fifth century CE by the nomadic tribe of Xiongnu, after they founded the Xia kingdom.

Wuding River

Located near Tongwan City, the river served as a demarcation line distinguishing the nomadic culture of Xiongnu from the agriculture of the Han Chinese.

Oil and coal found here have turned Shaanxi into an energy hub.

The newest additions are wind and solar farms.

Hongjiannao, the largest desert lake in China.

Over 60% of the world’s relic gulls gather here every summer.

Image source

The birds are very choosy about the site of reproduction. Only on the islet in the middle of the lake, and only when the water level is neither too high nor too low.

The Yellow River Grand Canyon

The Yellow River

Parts of it are slow-flowing and calm.

Parts of it twist and turn.

Parts of it form a symbol of taiji.

Parts of it drops from a 50-metre cliff, forming a yellow waterfall.

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