Jiangxi is in the southeastern part of China.

It’s surrounded by mountains on three sides, with thousands of rivers passing through.

Mount Lu

Over 3,500 poets have composed 16,000 poems about the mountain, the most famous one coming from the Song Dynasty poet, Su Shi.

Li Bai, the Immortal Poet, wrote about the waterfall here.

Su Shi wrote about the different forms when viewing the mountain from various perspectives.

The mountain consists of 90 peaks.

Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China, is right at the foot of the mountain.

With plenty of moisture in the air, most of the mountain is shrouded in clouds for about 200 days a year.

There’s a town at the top of the mountain.

Average temperature here in summer is 22 degrees Celsius, making the town of Guling an ideal summer resort.

Chiang Kiang-shek and his wife Soong Mei-ling spent ten summers here at the Meilu Villa.

On the Wulou Peak is the White Deer Grotto Academy, built over a thousand years ago.

Lushan West Sea is not an actual sea.

1,600 islets are dotted around this expansive lake.

One of the islets is heart-shaped.

The town of Wuyuan

Rapeseed flowers bloom in early spring.

Hui-style architecture, with its distinctive painted beams and carved eaves.

Some of the villages in Wuyuan still retain traditional customs.

The fifteenth day in the first month on the lunar calendar marks the end of the Chinese New Year Festival.

Each household in the village sends a volunteer, carrying several lanterns to form the lantern dragon.

In other villages, lanterns placed on wooden benches are used to celebrate a new birth.

Yuanyang Lake

Named after the wild mandarin ducks who come here during wintertime.

The ducks are viewed as a symbol for love in China.

Image source

In another village in Wuyuan, there is a type of black and white bird.

The pied falconet.

Since it’s black and white all over, it has another name in Chinese—Panda Bird.

They may be birds of prey, but they’re too cute to be taken seriously. They like to nod their head at visitors.

They may be birds of prey, but they’re too cute to be taken seriously. They like to nod their head at visitors.

Image source

The ancient village of Huangling is built on the slope of a mountain.

Due to the lack of flat ground, houses here are built in a staggered manner, and rooftops are used to dry crops.

Creative villagers arrange their crops in the form of Chinese characters, or shapes of animals.

Camphor trees are planted in many villages in Jiangxi.

In the past, villagers would plant a camphor tree in their backyard whenever a girl was born in the family, so the tree and the girl would grow up together.

When she was old enough for marriage, the camphor tree was cut down and made into a big chest, to contain her trousseau.

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