This is where the Yangtze River joins the East China Sea.

The Bund.

This building used to house the HSBC.

Nanjing Road, the busiest commercial street in Shanghai.

Suzhou River

It connects Shanghai to the city of Suzhou.

Huangpu River

Shipbuilding has a long history in Shanghai.

Most of Shanghai is ultra-modern, but some historical parts have been preserved.

Like the ancient town of Zhujiajiao.

This water town is 1,700 years old.

Equally old is the Temple of Longhua, reputedly built during the Three Kingdoms period.

Yu Garden was a private garden built in Ming Dynasty.

A lantern festival is held here on the fifteenth day in the first month on the lunar calendar.

These semi-detached houses with red rooftops are known as Shikumen, a uniquely Shanghainese architecture style combining traditional Chinese and Western elements.

Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum.

Over ten thousand names are inscribed on the walls of the museum, commemorating Jewish refugees who fled Europe during the Second World War.

Lujiazui, the financial centre of Shanghai.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower. At 468 metres, it was the tallest structure in China until 2007.

Sometimes it looks like a giant disco ball.

The Jin Mao Tower, an 88-story, 420-metre-tall skyscraper.

Brave visitors can try the outdoor glass observation deck 340 metres above ground, without railings.

Image source

Shanghai World Financial Centre, 492 metres tall, nicknamed “the bottle opener”, because it looks like one.

The Shanghai Tower, standing at 632 metres, has redefined Shanghai’s skyline.

This vertical city can accommodate thirty thousand people.

Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Zoo, also known as the United Nations of animals.



Magellanic penguins.


Sun bears with V-neck sweaters.

Dancing brown bears.

Hitchhiking bears.

Easily spooked Siberian musk deer.

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