Mantou, bing, and steamed buns are often associated with northern Chinese.

But that doesn’t mean the Sichuanese don’t know what to do with wheat.

Wheat turns into dough.

The varied colours come from purple yam, pumpkin, spinach, and red cabbage.

Egg noodles.

Braised beef noodles.

Authentic hand-pulled noodles.

Noodle curtains.

Noodles are pulled and stretched repeatedly.

Dandan noodles—noodles in spicy sauce and minced pork.

And the classic “golden thread” noodles.

The noodles are so thin that just three seconds in hot water is enough to completely cook them.

Another type of noodles, cold noodles, is made from rice instead of wheat.

Noodles are easy to make, but not everyone can do it at this master’s level.

A bowl of tasty noodles attracts all kinds of customers.

But in some noodle restaurants, there’s a minimum height requirement for customers.

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