Sweet potatoes are more popular than potatoes in Sichuan.

They are easy to grow, cheap, and extremely starchy.

They can be simply steamed and eaten directly, without the need of any condiments.

Sweet potatoes help with digestive health. Which is why Shin-Chan’s mom is so crazy about buying sweet potatoes.

Steamed rice with sweet potatoes.

This is a slightly different type of sweet potatoes.

They are smaller in size and more elongated, and yellow on the inside, with very thin skin.

Mashed sweet potato.

Then filtered.

50 kg of sweet potatoes are processed into 7.5 kg of sweet potato starch.

Coat pork ribs with the starch and egg yolk.

Deep fry.

Or steam with vegetables.

Baked sweet potato pie.

The starch is also made into a jelly-like paste.

Add various condiments, the paste becomes a common breakfast dish.

Chefs like to use sweet potato starch in stir-fried dishes.

酥肉—crispy deep-fried pork meatballs coated in starch

滑肉—stewed pork coated in starch

Sweet potato starch can also be processed into noodles.

Compared to noodles made from wheat flour, sweet potato noodles are broader, thicker, and smoother. They are extremely stretchy, and are glutinous.

Dried sweet potato noodles.

酸辣粉—sweet and sour sweet potato noodles

肥肠粉—sweet potato noodles with braised pig’s intestine

And of course, the most basic baked whole sweet potatoes.


Even the lack of an oven couldn’t stop a foodie’s pursuit for baked sweet potato.

As usual, anti-theft measures are a must-have when cooking sweet potatoes, otherwise you’ll be sharing your meal with uninvited guests.

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