The eastern honey bee.

Unlike Western honey bees, the eastern honey bees are homebodies. They stay close to their keeper.

Honey is already very sweet. Cooked together with red dates, the resulting dish is tooth-achingly sweet.

Wise beekeepers know not to keep other pets, for it will inevitably lead to this:


During Chinese New Year, chewing on a stalk of sugarcane becomes a winter sport.

These thin stalks contain over 20% sugar.

Flowering sugarcanes are used to extract sugar.

7.5 kg of sugar is extracted from 50 kg of sugarcane.

Cane sugar is brown in colour.

Hot cane sugar syrup is cooled in these moulds and made into sugar cubes.

Sometimes sugar can also be used to replace salt in preservation of food.

This leads to candied fruits.

Candied mandarin oranges.

Candied winter gourd.

Malt sugar animal.

Sweet steamed pork with glutinous rice—one of the most fattening food in Sichuan.

Sichuanese are not big on desserts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to make them.

Even the simplest candied hawthorn leaves room for innovation.

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