Rice is what made Sichuan rich.

Well, not Beijing or Shanghai rich, but still, we’re known as the Land of Abundance.

Other than the usual steamed rice, there’s also zongzi—rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival.

There are two schools of zongzi eaters. There’s the Northern School: of course they are sweet. Made of glutinous rice and red dates or red bean paste, dipped in white sugar, how can they be anything but sweet?

Then there’s the Southern School: but there’s meat inside! Of course they are salty.

Most of Sichuanese belong to the Southern School, but there are always exceptions.

Like this place, which makes zongzi with glutinous rice, dates, and minced pork.

Zongzi is available everywhere in China, but this food made of rice is most likely not.

Remember the provincial sport of Sichuan?


A new type of mahjong has been invented, made of rice and sweet bean paste filling.

These are mahjong tiles you can play with (before they are cooked), and then eat.

Sushi is another convenient (read: lazy) way of eating rice.

Rice soaked in well water, then boiled and stirred for hours, turns into rice jelly.

Indica rice and glutinous rice mixed together, soaked in hot water.

Brown sugar, heated and filtered.

Brown sugar mixed with rice paste.

Add minced pork, and wrap up the rice in bamboo leaves.

Glutinous rice cake.

There’re a lot more creations made from rice. Each town in Sichuan has its own signature rice dish.

Running a restaurant in Sichuan is fraught with challenges. On the one hand, if your food is really good, you’ll attract unwanted attention from certain parties who’ll resort to daylight robbery or theft.

On the other hand, if your food is not good, even man’s best friend will turn up their nose at you.

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