Tea is a type of drink (duh . . .)

There’s the usual roadside tea stalls.

Then there’s the fancy tea houses.

Butter tea, tea leaves boiled with yak milk.

Five-hundred-year-old tea tree.

Pipa tea, so named because its leaves resemble the musical instrument pipa. Extremely rare.

Tea leaves serve as food as well as drink.

Egg batter and flour, fried with tea leaves.

Ground up tea leaves in egg omelette.

Whole eggs boiled with tea leaves.  (extremely delicious!)

Sichuan produces mostly green tea, one of the lighter types of tea.

Tea-drinking is often accompanied by a game of mahjong or poker.

Give me a cup of jasmine green tea, with a couple of rock sugars, and I can sit watching adults playing poker for an entire afternoon.

Tea-drinking is a very Zen activity. You can’t drink hot tea in a hurry.

A cup, a pot of hot water, and a pinch of tea leaves are all that you need to practice tea art at home.

To some tea drinkers (like me), tea bags, milk bubble tea, and sugar in green/oolong/pu’er tea (except flowering tea) are perversion of the true tea.

Some tea enthusiasts have experimented with tea. Like this dessert, lily flowers with iced tea leaves.

Or spinach and egg batter boiled in jasmine green tea.

Or roasted chicken rubbed in tea leaves.

Prawn boiled in tea leaves.

Tea jelly.

Where there’re people, there’s tea, hahahahaha.

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