Flowers of the lemon trees.

Lemons are harvested in October.

Millions of lemon trees are grown here.

You know what they say—when life gives you lemons, you make . . .


Lemonade with honey

But if that’s all, then you’ve underestimated the creativity of the Sichuanese.

Are those . . . deep-fried lemon slices?

Nah, just deep-fried pork with a few drops of lemon juice.

Red cabbage and lemon juice.

It turns ordinary-looking food into something that Gargamel would eat.



Since fresh plums have a short shelf life, they are often smoked over a fire.

Juicy yellow plums “lose weight” and turn into dried black prunes.

Or they can be washed, salted, and their pits removed.

Sun-dried, then preserved in vats with rock sugar.

脆青梅 crunchy sweet plums

Plum jam with buckwheat rolls

Wheat bran

It’s used to make vinegar.

Garlic in vinegar.

Stir-fried green pepper in vinegar.

But when it comes to appreciating the sour flavour, Sichuanese and the rest of China bow down to people from Shanxi. Unlike the supporting role vinegar plays in Sichuanese dishes, it is undoubtedly the star in Shanxi cuisine.

While others have soup dumplings, they have “vinegar” dumplings.

While others queue up for bubble tea, they queue up for jerrycans of vinegar.

While others visit the zoo or museums over the weekend, they visit the vinegar factory.

Some people have water dispensers at their homes, they have vinegar dispensers instead.

Instead of noodle soup, they have noodle vinegar.

With this much vinegar, is the dish any good?

This young customer’s reaction says it all.

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Image source

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