Tofu banquet

Snow tofu

“bear paw” tofu

Tofu balls

Mala tofu

“peacock” tofu

“dove tree” tofu

Award-winning douhua bridge, where douhua flows from a pot and you can add different sauces to it.

Mapo tofu

“abalone” tofu

Bamboo banquet

Bamboo fungus

Bamboo “flower”

Bamboo “tripe”

Bamboo “dress”

I’ve also seen a dumpling banquet.

A candied hawthorn banquet.

A pig’s trotter banquet.

It’s like that saying, when there’ a will, there’s a way.

The Sichuan version would be, when there’s a Sichuan man and a wok, there’s a feast. (even if you are stuck on a highway).

Image source
Image source


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