Tibetan antelope

Life on the plateau is not always song and dance.


While the herders hate the damage the wolves did to their livestock,

they still decided to bring a group of wolf cubs lost in a snow back to their tent.

There are 47 nature reserves in Tibet.


They eat, play, and sleep on the cliffs.

Their predator is the snow leopard.

Swift, and deadly.

On a highway, people stop and collect something from the road.

Tiny, black worms.

They are the caterpillars of a type of moth.

Passersby collect them in buckets, then release them further away from the highway so that they won’t get crushed by passing cars.

These caterpillars are far from pretty, and I’m sure more than one girl would run away from these bugs, screaming.

But to the local Tibetans, a life is a life.

A Tibetan Mastiff.

It’s getting old, and lonely.

Its owner rides to other places to help it find a companion.

The new friends meet.

In each herd, a few lucky sheep are chosen.

The colourful earring made of strips of cloth they wear become amulets—these sheep will not be slaughtered for meat.

A Lhasa resident keeps a sheep.

He walks it every day.

Takes it to the market.

Goes on bus rides together.

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