Sweet tea, made from black tea and milk.

Finger millet.

Tibetan giant honey bee.

One of their hives is on a cliff over 200 metres tall, next to a roiling river.

A Sherpa prepares to scale the cliff.

His friends gather, concerned for his safety.

A sudden rain puts out the torch they’ve prepared to disperse the bees.

Finally, success on the third try.

Beeswax of the finest quality.

Beeswax is sold to people in Kathmandu, Nepal.

To make moulds.

In another part of Tibet, having a beehive outside your house is considered to be good luck.

People live alongside bees.

Approaching winter, the bees leave.

They leave behind honey, as gift for their hosts.

Near the Yaluzangbu River, flowers bloom.

Goats stay away from these brightly-coloured flowers.

Their name is stellera chamaejasme.

The direct translation of their Chinese name is “wolf poison”.

Their poisonous roots can be made into pulp, then paper.

The paper is often used in woodblock printing.

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