The annual Horse Racing Festival.

This horse is 12 years old, and a five-time champion at the festival.

Riders at the festival are typically seven to ten years old.

The festival lasts for seven days.

The 8-km race is starting soon.

Over 200 horses participate in the race.

The 12-year-old horse comes in fifth this time.

The Saga Dawa Festival.

Held on the 15th day of the 4th month on the Tibetan calendar.

A prayer flag pole.

Raising of the pole is witnessed by over ten thousand people.

A sheep ranch at altitude above 5,000 metres.

Pikas also live here.

Their Chinese name means “mouse-like rabbit”.

Tibetan sand fox.

They feed on pikas.

The surface of the lake is frozen.

Sheep have to travel further for food.


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