June 9, 2019

Gone Girls

The Serial Cases Division, under the Special Investigations Department, is the Chinese version of the FBI, but its officers operate by a different set of rules.

They would have to, in order to hunt down monsters that roam on a land measuring close to ten million square kilometres and hide amongst more than a billion people.

They’re the ones making sure that when kids go to sleep, they don’t dream of a cannibal tearing off the flesh of six-year-old, that when women go out alone at night, they don’t run into the open arms of a depraved predator.

Better equipped and less constrained than the local officers, members of SCD operate outside the public eye, using tactics that are unconventional and sometimes controversial.

But they bring in results.



What makes a good serial killer?

Nurture or nature?

No one knows for sure.

Village girls disappeared one by one.

No one noticed.

Until their naked, pregnant bodies started turning up.

Each one of them had been marked with a number on their back.

All of them were taken in broad daylight.

Could it be someone they knew? A teacher? A relative?

SCD officers Fangjun and Yunlong’s investigation was met with resistance, from the local police, the schools, even the girls’ families.

What were they hiding?


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